Browser Games that use Android Devices with Adobe AIR as Wireless Game Controllers

With the latest update of Adobe AIR app, you will be able to develop Flash based browser games that can use Android devices as motion sensing game controllers. On this page, I plan to maintain a list of browser games that enable this functionality.

Here is a video demo of a few of these games:

To play these games, install Adobe AIR app on your Android device, and connect your desktop and smartphone to the same WiFi network. Here goes the list:

1. Deathrace 3D


Ride a motor bike through the think dark forest by steering the bike with your device. As you speed up by touching on the mobile screen, you’ll feel the bike engine’s vibration on the device!

2. Stunt Run


Safely get your car to the destination after a lot of stunts that you can perform on the way. Use the forward and backward buttons on the device’s screen to move the car accordingly. Tilt the device to the left or right to tilt the car accordingly.

3. HexGL


HexGL is a WebGL based open source game by Thibaut Despoulain, wherein you have to race a jet ship without getting damaged. The original source of this game is available on GitHub. AIR Gamepad is integrated to HexGL by connecting to AIR Gamepad’s WebSocket interface and sending messages in JSON format.

4. Superman with a GoPro


This is a Google Earth app inspired by a popular video of Superman flying around with a GoPro. This app is written in HTML / JS using the Google Earth APIs. The AIR Gamepad controls were written using WebSocket protocol. Just hit view-source to see the code. You can checkout the demo video of this app over here.


5. Hungry Hero




Feed the Hungry Hero by tilting your device

6. Model Viewer


This is not a game. But you can control the 3D model in a desktop browser using various touch gestures. Use pinch gesture to zoom the ant model or swipe on the screen to rotate the ant, or use rotate gesture to rotate the ant along z-axis or even move the ant around using two-finger pan gesture.

You can find the details about developing games using AIR Gamepad in this page


3 thoughts on “Browser Games that use Android Devices with Adobe AIR as Wireless Game Controllers

  1. Andrey

    At first launch and try to connect, air app crashed, next time it didn’t but connection was not stable connection screen flash all time in the phone is vibrating

    1. amathewk Post author

      Could you please let me know for which game were you facing the issue? Also could you provide the build info of your phone, and the OS version ?


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